Call for volunteers or nominations for New Leader’s Representative to the LLAMA Board of Directors

The newly revised LLAMA bylaws call for an appointment to the LLAMA Board of Directors of a New Leader’s Representative.  The concept of the New Leader’s Representative is to include the fresh and vital perspective of a relatively new member of LLAMA in the Association’s strategic planning and decision making.  This will be a full voting member of the Board as described in the following excerpt from the bylaws:

Article V, Section 1.e   New Leader’s Representative. The new leader’s representative will be appointed by the president-elect, in concurrence with the Board, to a two-year term. He or she must be a personal member of LLAMA. The new leader’s representative is eligible for one re-appointment to a two-year term.

There is no specific definition of “new” for this appointment but we are generally interested in appointing an individual with less than 5 years of membership in LLAMA.  No previous committee experience is required.

If you are interested in appointment as the New Leader’s Representative to the LLAMA Board of Directors for the term July 2010 through June 2012, please contact Gail Kennedy, LLAMA President-elect,  Please include a brief statement of your interest in holding this appointment, your years of membership in LLAMA and any previous involvement you have had in LLAMA.   Nominations are also welcome but please check to ascertain that the nominee is willing to serve, if appointed.

The deadline for application is June 14, 2010.  The appointment will be announced before the upcoming ALA annual conference.

Thanks for your interest in becoming the first New Leader’s Representative on the LLAMA Board!

Gail Kennedy

LLAMA President-elect

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