Call for volunteers or nominations for LLAMA Treasurer

LLAMA members passed a major bylaws revision in the April 2010 election.  One provision of the new bylaws is the addition of the position of Treasurer to the LLAMA Board of Directors and  Executive Committee, a position to be appointed by the LLAMA President-elect.  The Treasurer will replace the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee on the Board and the Executive Committee will assume responsibility for financial oversight of the LLAMA beginning in July  2010.

LLAMA Bylaws, Article V (Board of Directors), Section 1.a briefly describes the Treasurer position:

V.1.a) Treasurer. The treasurer will be appointed by the president-elect, in concurrence with the Board, to a two-year term and serves as a member of the Executive Committee.  The treasurer will oversee the budget, and serve as a liaison between LLAMA and ALA on financial matters. He or she must be a personal member of LLAMA.  The treasurer is eligible for one re-appointment to a two-year term.

The general duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer will include attendance at all Board and Executive Committee meetings, reviewing all financial records and budgets with the LLAMA Executive Director, review and present financial reports to the Board at annual and midwinter meetings, attend ALA treasurer’s forum and other meetings arranged by the ALA Treasurer, serve as LLAMA’s representative to the ALA Planning and Budget Assembly, suggest measures to build financial resources, and represent and speak for members on LLAMA financial matters.  In short, the Treasurer is involved in all financial matters of LLAMA and is relied upon for wise counsel in matters of budget and finance over both short and long term projections.

As the appointing officer, I am hereby issuing a call for volunteers or nominations for appointment to the office of Treasurer for the term 2010-2012.   We are seeking for this important office a person with both experience in LLAMA service and experience in financial management.  Send expressions of interest or nominations to Gail Kennedy at no later than June 14, 2010.  Please include a brief summary of relevant experience and the name of at least one reference.  The appointment will be announced before the upcoming ALA annual conference.

Thank you for your interest in serving LLAMA in this most important role.

Gail Kennedy

LLAMA President-elect

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