Pixey Mosley Chosen New LLAMA President-elect

Pixey MosleyApril 29, 2016 — The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) announced today that Pixey Anne Mosley has been elected as president-elect.  She is Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services, at Texas A&M University Libraries, in College Station, Texas, where she has held a variety of positions since 1995.

Upon hearing of her election, Mosley said, “I’m really pleased to have the support of my peers in the profession and look forward to serving the membership and organization as we work together to position LLAMA to move forward and look to the opportunities of the future.”

In a statement about her aspirations as president, Mosley wrote, “The focus of my LLAMA presidency will be providing continuity for the restructuring efforts of the current leadership team to increase LLAMA’s relevance, agility, and value to members.”

Mosley will begin her term as president-elect in June 2016, and will become LLAMA President in June 2017.

Other LLAMA election results:

LLAMA Director at-large: Deborah Gail Tenofsky

Buildings and equipment section (BES) Chair-elect: Kevin F. Huse

Fund raising and financial development section (FRFDS) Chair-elect: Adelle Hedleston

Human resources section (HRS) Chair-elect: Laura Elaine Lillard

Library organization and management section (LOMS) Chair-elect: Jessame E. Ferguson

Measurement, assessment and evaluation section (MAES):

Chair-elect: Consuella Askew

Member-at-large: Kirsten Kinsley

Secretary: Emily Anne Treptow

New professionals section (NPS) Chair-elect: Elspeth Olson

Public relations and marketing section (PRMS) Chair-elect: Holly A. Flynn

Systems and services section (SASS) Chair-elect: Jennifer Diffin

About the Library Leadership and Management Association
The Library Leadership and Management Association (www.ala.org/llama) advances outstanding leadership and management practices in library and information services by encouraging and nurturing individual excellence in current and aspiring library leaders. LLAMA is a division of the American Library Association.


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