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The LLAMA Executive Committee recently reviewed the last two strategic plans for LLAMA (2006-2010 and 2010-2011) and reviewed the new ALA 2015 Strategic Plan.  Following this review, the Executive Committee has drafted a new strategic plan for the next three years – 2012 – 2015:  LLAMA Draft Strategic Plan 2015

The draft plan outlines core values for the first time, proposes a new core purpose and mission (which will require a vote during the spring election), and states a new vision (modeled on vision statements of other ALA divisions).  Central to the plan are three new strategic themes, each with an enduring goal statement, and key objectives.  This simplified and streamlined plan allows for the division to develop a more focused annual operating plan.

The LLAMA Executive Committee seeks your feedback by Friday, November 11th.  As you consider this plan, here are some questions to guide your thinking:
–  Is the 3-year time frame appropriate?
–  Does the simplified plan format work?
–  Do the proposed core values cover our values?
–  Is the updated core purpose and mission appropriate?
–  Does the vision statement work?  Please review other ALA division vision statements.
–  Do the 3 strategic themes cover the work of the division?
–  Are the enduring goal statements appropriate?
–  Do the key objective cover what we need to do?  Are any missing?
–  Do you feel that an annual operating plan will be beneficial to LLAMA, its division-level committees, sections and section-level committees?

Comments and suggestions and specific edits are welcome — send these to Pat Hawthorne via email ( by Friday, November 11th. Thank you for your time and interest,
LLAMA Executive Committee

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