LLAMA/NMRT New Leaders Discussion Group Announcement/Call for Presentations

LLAMA/NMRT New Leaders Discussion Group invites the submission of proposals for presentation at its meeting at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The LLAMA/NMRT New Leaders Discussion Group is an exciting new joint venture between LLAMA (Library Leadership and Management Association) and NMRT (New Members Round Table). This newly created group is designed to provide opportunities for discussion and networking among new librarians, new members of LLAMA and/or NMRT, librarians who are making career shifts, experienced leaders, and anyone interested in developing leadership skills. Discussion topics are chosen based on issues of interest to the members of the group.

At this year’s Annual conference, we are interested in topics focusing on “Developing Leadership Skills for Early Career Librarians”. We seek proposals for presentation that address this topic from a variety of angles, including (but not limited to):
• Developing leadership skills in library school. (It could be from a student or faculty perspective)
• Leadership skills and experience employers look for.
• Advice for career changers – transferring leadership skills from a different field..
• What leadership skills should one develop early in the career? and how?
• Early career leadership opportunities.
• Early career leadership development planning.
• Transitioning from early career to mid-career.

We look for presenters to share their experience (it could either be a positive experience or a lesson learned), helpful tips, and advice on the topics. The presenter should plan to speak for about 7 -10 (max) minutes. The presenter is also expected to lead and facilitate a discussion group on their topic in the second half of the meeting. There will be approximately 30 minutes of presentations. After the presentations, we will break into small, rotating discussion groups to allow more in-depth discussions of the presentation topics and other theme related topics as determined by attendees’ interests.

Proposals are due by April 1, 2011. Notification of acceptance will be made by May 1. Please include the following information in your proposal:

1. Your name, title, institutional affiliation (or LIS program), mailing address, phone number, and email address.
2. The title and a 200 word (max) description of your presentation. The description should clearly identify the topic of your presentation, your personal experience with this topic, and how it will contribute to the professional development of new and aspiring leaders.

Keep in mind that there will be no use of technology for these presentations as they are meant to be informal in nature. Any information (notes, further reading, etc.) presenter/discussion leader would like to share could be posted on LLAMA’s website.

The LLAMA/NMRT New Leaders Discussion Group is scheduled to meet on Saturday June 25, from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Please submit proposal by email to Leo Lo (LLAMA/NMRT NLDG convener) at leo.saiho.lo@gmail.com.

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