Please Support LLAMA Members Running for ALA Office

Dear LLAMA member:

This is a reminder that the 2010 ALA/LLAMA elections are underway, and the polls will remain open until April 23, 2010.

In addition to candidate information, you’ll see that the Board of Directors voted to place a new set of Bylaws on the ballot for your approval. The Board believes the new Bylaws are the first step in building a more nimble organization focused on creating value for our members; please vote yes on the proposal.

Also when completing your ballot, please consider the following LLAMA members running:


Sara Kelly Johns — NY
Molly Raphael — OR


Ismail Abdullahi – NC
Clara Nalli Bohrer – MI
Steven K. Bowers – MI
Wanda Brown – NC
Matthew P. Ciszek – PA
Donna L. Corbeil- CA
Alison Ernst – MA
Lawrence Grieco – CO
Nancy Sun Hershoff – FL
Mary Anne Hodel – FL
David A. Hurley – NM
Charles E. Kratz, Jr. – PA
Joan G. Lamborn – CO
Elisabeth Leonard – NC
Bernard A. Margolis – NY
Bede Mitchell – GA
Adrian W. Mixson – GA
Catherine L. Murray-Rust – GA
Dorothy M. Persson – IA
Cristina Dominguez Ramirez – VA
Deborah Stansbury Sunday – CA
Patrick Sweeney – CA
Tony J.M. Tallent – CO
James K. Teliha – ID
Andeberhan W. Tensae – VA

William Turner, DC
Patricia Wand – Dubai, UAE
Larry Nash White – NC
Thomas (Tom) Wilding – AZ

Kerry Ward
LLAMA Executive Director

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