Midwinter 2007 Update-Key LAMA Board of Director Action items

Key Actions of the LAMA Board of Directors
ALA 2007 Midwinter Meeting

These are the key actions of the LAMA Board of Directors taken during two sessions at its 2007 Midwinter Meeting. (Housekeeping votes are not included.)

• Endorsed the concept that LAMA remain an independent division of ALA, with its own staff and executive director.

• Directed that the job requirement for Executive Director not be limited to individuals with an MLS degree. The MLS degree would be a preferred criterion, but the requirement would be for an appropriate graduate degree, to widen the pool of potential candidates. The requirement will also include 5 years of progressive experience.

• Agreed that it wants to pursue the idea of adding “leadership” to the name of the association. Next steps include a LAMA Membership Meeting at the Annual Conference, a membership survey, with the goal of placing the name change on the Spring 2008 ballot. If it is approved, the change would be reviewed by the ALA Constitution and Bylaws and Organization committees.

• Adopted the Tribute Resolution honoring the American Institute of Architects on its 150th anniversary.

• Agreed to award the 2007 LAMA Group Achievement Award to Kelly Bauer, Phil Tramdack and entire BES Library Interior Design Awards Committee; the President’s Award to the American Institute of Architects; the Leadership Award to Julie Todaro; and the Diana V. Braddom FRFDS Scholarship for 2007 to JaEun Ku.

• Approved the slate of LAMA candidates for the 2007 elections.

• Changed the charge of the Human Resources Section.

• Established within LAMA the LAMA SASS/RUSA STARS Cooperative Remote Circulation.

• Adopted charges for the LAMA Nominating and President’s Program committees.

• Accepted the preliminary FY2008 budget.

• Accepted the revised LAMA strategic Plan, 2006-2010, with the LAMA financial strategies plan integrated into it.

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