Last Call for “ChangeMasters”

LAST CALL — “Changemasters” Anthology

Since 2003, the series of “changemasters” articles that have been featured in LA&M has been one of the journal’s most popular features. In each installment, the career of an influential library leader – a “changemaster” – is profiled with interviews and narrative biography. These personal, informative pieces are intended to provide insight into what makes effective library leaders in rapidly changing times.

In cooperation with the LAMA 50th Anniversary Committee, the Editorial Advisory Board and the Publications Committee, the editors of LA&M are compiling previously published and recently accepted “changemaster” articles, and also soliciting entirely new contributions for a forthcoming monographic anthology.

This is envisioned as a LAMA-wide project, and thus members are asked to contribute in a variety of ways. First, the people and libraries highlighted in this anthology should be as diverse as LAMA. The editorsseek recommendations and nominations of people from academic, public, school, and all types of special libraries, archives, or information centers who have contributed to positive change in the profession for this collection. Think not only of librarians and library directors, but also of educators, researchers, advocates, vendors, technologists, or public servants who have made a difference in contemporary librarianship.

**At this time, especially needed are nominations of children and young adult librarians or educators, special libraians, archival or preservation librarians, or up-and-coming middle managers who have already made demonstrable changes in their fields. **

Second, writers are needed. Contributing an original “changemasters” on one of these people would be a service to all of LAMA, and indeed the profession. The articles are based primarily upon interview questions and answers, and can be handled via telephone or email. To make a nomination or a recommendation, or to get more information about possibly writing a feature for publication in LA&M, the monograph, or both, contact Gregg Sapp, LA&M editor, Science Library, University at Albany, Albany NY 12222,, 518-437-3951.

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