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The Financial Management Committee from ALA LLAMA’s Library Organization and Management Section, is working on a follow-up article to Shift Happens: Aligning Financial Decisions with Strategic Directions.  Shift Happens was presented at the ALA 2008 Annual Conference and focused on how the change in financial and economic factors can influence strategic plans and directions.  This of course was prepared and presented prior to the economic downturn that was just occurring at that time but has since had major impact on library budgets across the country.

The committee is interested in submitting an updated article to LL&M Magazine and Jane Duffy and I have been working on some updates.  We were hoping that some of you would share some stories with regard to how the national economic crisis affected longer term planning.  We’d like to include some annotated discussions or experiences in this article.  We are specifically looking for impact, that through short term reactions to funding dilemmas  also caused a change to strategic goals and/or missions from an organizational point of view.

Anyone who shares a story that we use along with our research will be recognized in the article.  Please send an email to me at macrumpt@uncg.edu and/or include an attachment of your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for sharing,
Mike Crumpton and Jane Duffy
LLAMA LOMS Financial Management Committee

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