LLAMA Launches “Member Spotlight”

The LLAMA Membership Committee has created a new feature on the website, the LLAMA Member Spotlight.  Each month a new member will be featured in the spotlight.

LLAMA is fortunate to have a diverse membership – new librarians, directors, HR professionals, architects, fundraisers, and more –  and creating a space where members could meet their colleagues was one of President Pat Hawthorne’s goals this year.

The Membership Committee was asked to manage the initiative, and committee chairperson Eileen Theodore-Shusta said committee members jumped at the chance.   “I would say that every member of the committee was very excited at the idea, and all steps have been driven by them,” she said.   “The initial proposal, the development of questions, and the presentation on the website: all of these have come from the committee.  I’m proud to have such an engaged, talented group to work with.”

The committee is hoping to feature a wide variety of members in the spotlight, so if you’re interested just send an email to LLAMA answering a few basic questions, and a member of the committee will follow up with you.

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