LAMA Program and Conference Planning for Annual – 2009 Chicago

Dear LAMA Leaders and members,

It is not too early to begin thinking about programs and preconferencesfor annual conference in Chicago, 2009. The purpose of post is to encourage LAMA section and committee chairs to be considering ideas for 2009 programs and preconferences as you gather with your LAMA colleagues this Midwinter in Philadelphia. Please note the following time lines:

  • Program chairs wishing to propose LAMA programs for 2009 Annual Conference will need to appear before the LAMA Program Committee at or before next summer in Anaheim (12 months advance). You are also welcome to appear at Midwinter Philadelphia if you are looking to get a head start.
  • Chairs wishing to propose LAMA preconferences for Chicago Annual need to first appear before the Program Committee this January in Philadelphia (18 months advance).

Plans do not need to be fully developed at these early stages. The idea is to meet before the committee to exchange ideas and concepts. For those wishing to meet with the Program Committee in Philadelphia, I will be sending out a second email in about two weeks with a sign up sheet for 15 minute presentation slots. You can also sign up at the last minute by stopping at the LAMA desk at the ALA office in the Philadelphia convention center, where there will be a paper sign up sheet. The Program Committee (PC) is convening Sunday Jan 13th from 9-Noon and on Monday Jan 14th from 2-5. The PC stages their meetings later in the conference with the idea that hopefully most committees will have met at least once to pull ideas together, which gives you time to appear before the PC to present those ideas.

For detailed information about the program/preconference process go to LAMA forms on the website and bring up the *LAMA Program Proposal Guide*. Note, this form is also used for preconferences. For those interesting in meeting with the LAMA Program Committee in Philadelphia, you will want to complete in advance the *LAMA Preliminary Program Proposal Form*, found at this same site, make 20 copies and bring them with you to share with the Committee. Handwritten forms are completely acceptable at this stage of the process.

Let me know of questions, and please feel free to forward this email to colleagues. LAMA has a wonderful tradition of offering fine programs and preconferences at ALA, and we wish to keep this proud reputation strong. Looking forward to seeing many of you in Philadelphia.

Frank Allen
Chair, LAMA Program Committee 2007-2008

Frank R. Allen
Associate Director for Administrative Services University of Central
Florida Libraries PO Box 162666; 4000 Central Florida Blvd, Bldg #2
Orlando, Florida 32816-2666
Voice: 407/823-2564 Fax: 407/823-2529

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